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About Us

Ms. Lynnocent Life Story

I am LynnShia Soo Me, fondly addressed as Lynn. Friends call me Lynnocent!

Yes. I was. I was brought up as a frog in a well in childhood and forced to drop out from Primary 5. My teenage was okay though not as exciting as my peers. My first marriage ended after 17 years and 3 lovely daughters. That was a blow in my life, I became riches to rags, that pushed me into depression and desperation to find a better man.

A scammer took advantage of it, cheated me, married me, manipulated me and maintained such manipulation for 11 years in Singapore, Malaysia and U.S.A. My first title Ms. Lynnocent has portrayed my plight in a way that people will also learn from it while probably sympathizing me.

The second ex-husband or the scammer scoundrel, with whom I had a son, snatched my 5 yrs old son who clung with me for 5 years since his birth and tricked me to move to Singapore from U.S without my Son. With only high degree of trauma left, losing everything in life, after returning from the U.S, I started to work after 28 years.

Since it was the beginning of the COVID pandemic, I decided to join as a health care employee to make my life more meaningful. I continue to serve through the COVID pandemic’s peak period. I believe that my kindness and deep desire to serve mankind has brought me to this noble profession. I also love to become a nanny or eldercare professional.

I have a wealth of experience that will be useful for parents, women, and girls. I decided to transfer the knowledge through books. I wondered whether I could do it as a loser of g and a P5 drop out. I read “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach.

I became an author with my first title “Ms. Lynnocent”to be followed by more titles. I need all of your support in my mission to create awareness and alertness to women. The bye product is, I will also have the monetary support to fund my long legal battel to get reunited with my son.